Anisur Rahman

Technical Lead

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences

Anisur Rahman has been working in Cisco for many years in the field of network management.

His first work in Cisco was on CWM (Cisco WAN Manager), specifically in frame relay and atm connection management.

He developed unique trap generation mechanism for atm connection failures and he got a patent for developing this algorithm.

Later he worked on management application for mobile IP gateways. He also worked on WCS (Wireless Control System) and PI (Prime Infrastructure) contributing in many areas like wlan configuration, virtual domain, etc. He was one of the lead architects who worked in moving WCS under PI platform. Recently he joined to Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences(CMX) team where he is developing location based applications. He has special interest in NBAPI (North Bound Application Programming Interface).

His hobbies are reading and travelling.