Andrew Turner

Senior Technical Marketing Manager

Security Business Group

Andrew is a Senior Technical Marketing Manager within the Security Business Group which makes Cisco’s Security Products. He is responsible for Service Provider Security and the Stealthwatch Security Analytics Products.

Andrew is a seasoned global technology leader having previously held positions in a number of technology areas for major wire-line and wireless Service Providers across Europe before joining Cisco in 2005.

At Cisco, he has focused on helping the world’s greatest technology companies realize their goals faster by accelerating their pace of change and has built and led high performance teams in Europe, America and Asia.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Engineering with Honors from Brunel University, London as well as numerous industry qualifications including CCIE, JNCIE and CISSP.


June 17, 2020


Addressing the Challenges of Cloud Email Infrastructures

Cloud email platforms increase productivity and reduce cost but can present their own set of challenges. Read how Cisco’s Cloud Mailbox Defense addresses those challenges head on.

May 28, 2020


The Benefits, and Potential Challenges of, Cloud Email Platforms

Using cloud email platforms offers numerous opportunities for simplification and efficiency. It also comes with its own set of challenges.

May 21, 2020


The Future of the Email Security Market: The Importance of the Secure Email Gateway

Understanding the future of the email security market isn’t complete without a look at the importance of Secure Email Gateways and how they effectively protect cloud email platforms.

August 6, 2019


How to Save a Billion Dollars

One cybersecurity threat caused $1+ billion dollars in losses last year, and the threat is still evolving. What is it? Ransomware? Insider Threats? Nation-State Attacks? No - Email. 

May 6, 2019


Cybercrime and Fraud Part 1: Modern Tales of Piracy and Plunder

Calico Jack, Captain Blood, and Blackbeard. So many recognizable stories, books, and movies have been made about the period of stealing and looting exemplified by the golden age of piracy....

Service Provider Security Architecture – Part 2

Service providers can use an architectural approach to pervasive security, building upon the Open Network Architecture, to solve the challenges around delivering agile and secure services.

Service Provider Security Architecture – Part 1

The need for pervasive security and architectural approaches to enable secure, agile services against increasingly sophisticated attackers.