Amit Hakoo

Technical Leader

Connected Mobile Experience (CMX)

Amit Hakoo is a Technical Leader with the Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) team at Cisco. He was part of the Cognio acquisition that brought in the CleanAir technology. He is the lead developer for the Cisco Spectrum Expert application and has worked on CleanAir and RRM on Prime Infrastructure. Currently he has ventured in the Location based services area where he is working on the infrastructure components to bring the connected mobile experience to life. He is passionate about Test driven development and is jointly working with another passionate leader on bringing Agile methodologies to the team.

Amit has been working in Cisco for the last 5 years and loves to spend time with his kids. Whenever he gets a chance he goes out for a run and has completed 3 marathons and numerous half marathons.


September 5, 2013


Interference Detection and Mitigation with Cisco CleanAir

4 min read

The previous blog on CleanAir went in depth on how MSE uses CleanAir information to locate interferers and the impact zone for each interferer. This blog takes a step...