Abhay Kulkarni

SVP/GM, Webex App

Abhay Kulkarni is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Webex App in the Cisco Team Collaboration Group. Abhay and his team are laser focused on creating the best meetings experiences in the industry. His team is responsible for development, product management, support and customer success for the Webex Meetings business line, one of the world’s largest SaaS businesses. At Cisco, Abhay previously led the Webex Platform that powers Webex Teams, Meetings and Devices. A technologist at heart, his work on the platform delivered highly available, world class performance at scale and enables amazing developer experiences via developer.webex.com. Abhay brings 20+ years of industry experience in building and scaling large cloud SaaS platforms. Before joining Cisco, Abhay was head of engineering at cloud security startup Netskope. Prior to Netskope, Abhay led engineering for Norton Cloud - one of the largest Enterprise clouds managing many petabytes of data for 40M+ users. Abhay holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from University of Pune.


September 10, 2018


The Webex Backbone: Because Every Millisecond Counts

3 min read

The Achilles heel for video meetings is usually the connectivity. Cisco Webex is the only service built and optimized for real-time media. Webex backbone is the engine behind Webex Meetings and Webex Teams. This global pillar connects the entire world of Webex with a high-quality, redundant, media-optimized network.

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