For companies in the hospitality industry, nothing matters more than delivering a customer-centric experience. Expectations have changed, and guests are seeking a more authentic, personalized interactions from the moment they place a reservation, and throughout their entire visit. Hotels, cruise lines, and other destinations understand that digital transformation is the key to making guests feel engaged, heard, and delighted—while keeping them coming back.

Every guest encounter matters, and even mistakes are an opportunity to improve their satisfaction. According to Deloitte, guests are 40 percent more likely to share positive reviews when a problem is fixed quickly.

Serving guests with a more proactive company culture

Royal Caribbean application
Royal Caribbean application

To elevate every guest experience, technology teams need more than just the latest technology. They need visibility into how well it’s functioning every minute of every day—and fully understand how that performance affects their guests. Royal Caribbean International is one hospitality company that is transforming its operations with Cisco Full-Stack Observability.

With exciting itineraries sailing to more than 60 countries on six continents, Royal Caribbean has been delivering innovative vacation experiences since 1969. The cruise line relies on its technology to support its most important guest-facing applications and services, from web servers to contact centers. With so much riding on its infrastructure, the company understands that even a brief issue might mean a negative guest experience.

To spot and fix issues before guests notice them, Royal Caribbean put Cisco Full-Stack Observability in place. With Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco ThousandEyes providing visibility into its services and user experiences, the company has gone from being a reactive to being proactive and even preventing issues.

Data is helping Royal Caribbean work better and faster

“Since bringing on the full-stack observability solutions, we are data driven,” says Alice McElroy. “We have reduced mean time to resolution and critical incidents. We know in advance if we’re going to have a problem and can prevent it.”

Cisco Full-Stack Observability is also helping Royal Caribbean build on its tradition of innovation by helping its developers work better and faster.

“Full stack observability has helped developer productivity at Royal Caribbean almost 100 percent,” said McElroy. “It tells us in advance how a system is going to perform, so when we go live, they get to spend more time developing and less time supporting a broken system.”

With improved agility for new service creation and better insights into its systems, Royal Caribbean is demonstrating its commitment to guests today, and for years to come.

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Royal Caribbean elevates customer experience with NTT 360 Observability service powered by Cisco FSO
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