Having grown up in Denver, I’m a big fan of the Denver Broncos. Although I currently live in San Diego, I really enjoy the opportunity to see at game at Mile High Stadium any chance I get.  Sure, I could always upgrade my TV services to include a NFL package or subscribe to the Bronco’s fan club for updates, but nothing can replace the experience of attending a game in person.  Delivering a truly unique, unforgettable fan experience is a goal that is transforming the way stadiums and venues interact with fans today.

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Enhance the Fan Experience

In fact, most sports fans report that they want a more connected, personal experience. According to Gartner, in 2016, 89% of companies will compete on the basis of customer experience as compared to just 36% four years ago.  Companies will differentiate themselves, attract new customers and identify new sources of revenue using customer experiences as a driver.  To create truly personalized customer experiences, companies are turning to technology—a trend that is typically referred to as digital transformation.  In my last blog, I wrote about how new mobile engagements are improving the guest experiences in Hospitality. Sports and entertainment provide another example of how mobile experiences are enhancing the fan experience.

Build Loyalty with the Connected Stadium

The Norwegian and Swedish Professional Football Leagues (or soccer as we Americans call it) provide a great example of what digital transformation is all about. With so many entertainment options, it is getting harder for Sports & Entertainment properties to compete for fans’ leisure time and entertainment spend. Fans are increasingly attracted to more mobile, personalized, and immersive experiences at live events and on demand. The football leagues wanted a way to capture more information about their fans to enhance and personalize the fan experience and drive loyalty for attending live events. They wanted to connect and engage their fans by offering new services; giving them additional reasons to attend the live matches while creating new revenue opportunities with sponsors and content providers.

Engagement with the fans must be simple and meaningful. Cisco Intelligent Onboarding and captive portal capabilities made possible by the Enterprise Mobility Services Platform (EMSP), engages fans with easy access to Wi-Fi and delivers personalized offerings.  As a fan enters the stadium automatic device detection invites them to join the Wi-Fi network. By capturing some basic information, promotions and special offers can be pushed to fans’ mobile devices based on their location in the venue, their team preferences, and more! Upon return, the device (i.e. the fan) is immediately recognized by the network.  These new and more engaging experiences help bring fans to the stadium offering extensive customization thus tailoring the event to their preferences. On top of delighting fans, the platform provides opportunities to increase sales and sponsorship revenues by enabling the clubs to work with their partners to offer targeted advertising. Cisco’s customized solutions for the Sports and Entertainment industry have placed us at the forefront of driving industry transformation, enabling the sports industry to enhance the fan experience and drive new revenue growth.

Create Interactive Mobile Experiences

Businesses across industries can learn from organizations like the Norwegian and Swedish Professional Football Leagues. This goes beyond simply offering free Wi-Fi, it gives a reason for the customer to login which is the starting point for a goldmine of sales opportunities. Customer expectations for personalized experiences will continue to increase. By investing in a platform-based solution to create personalized experiences on mobile devices, your business can engage customers today and build for the future.

Interested in learning more about how to increase customer engagement and revenue with in your organization? Join Cisco and Jon Ola Bergaplass, Chief Technical Strategist, Norwegian and Swedish Pro Football Leagues on Tuesday, January 12th for a live webcast.  You’ll hear more about how the leagues are engaging fans with new services, increasing attendance, creating new revenue streams and even reducing venue costs, all with Cisco EMSP.  Register now!

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Peter Mason

Senior Director, Automation and Experiences Platforms

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