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MegaTrends: Network Programming and Cisco ONE in Enterprise Networks

…aces are the Cisco ONE website at , browse through the recent Cisco ONE exhibits at recent CiscoLive in Orlando or join us for the Cisco ONE learning path at  CiscoLive 2014 in Milan. Then engage with a few simple candidate scenarios in mind. There is a growing set of partners across EMEAR with Cisco ONE skills and the Cisco Developer Network (CDN) offers plenty of background material and opportunities to engage with the comm…


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IoE: Dead or Alive on Wireless

When we examine the average wireless client on a network today, we see a few options. There is the smartphone, the tablet, or the laptop. Even the Apple TV and Roku are often based off of similar technology and chipsets. All of these devices connect to a wide range of services, often consuming large amounts of bandwidth: we stream music while we browse; we video chat with friends, family, and coworkers across the globe; catch up on our favorite…


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The Golden Key to Any Cloud

…rift and reduce outages There is a lot of buzz about this capability. How much buzz? Watch this video from CiscoLive Orlando. Within the next month, Cisco will be releasing a cloud accelerator that delivers configuration management of multi-tier application stacks. Based on the TOSCA-modeled graphical user interface, customers utilize a canvas that simplifies the design of these stacks into templates. Each element: server, network devic…


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Cisco CMX Analytics in use at CiscoLive! Orlando

…r. James Little, technical lead for CMX Analytics in Cisco’s Wireless Networking Group. This year’s CiscoLive! in Orlando with over 20000 visitors was  selected as an ideal opportunity to test and prove CMX Analytics over a large venue with high volume usage. This year’s CiscoLive! was spread over two huge venues of the Orange County Convention Centre and the Peabody Hotel between June 23rd-27th. Over two and a half days, approx…


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CiscoLive Orlando Follow-Up: Get your DeLorean Photo Before It’s Too Late

Did you pay a visit to the Enterprise Networks booth at CiscoLive! Orlando? Remember that cool DeLorean and the picture you took with it? We’ve extended the cut-off date to get your picture if you took one with the DeLorean! The last day to download your picture will be Monday, August 5, 2013. How to you get it? Somewhere in your pocket, your suitcase, your laptop bag or your stack of business cards you may find a card you were given after your…


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