Tony Roman

Technical Advocate

Learning and Certifications

Tony Roman initially joined Cisco as a Content Developer focused on Network Programmability and Automation. During his time with the Content Development team, Tony took on a leadership role responsible for Network Programmability and Automation technical and certification training. More recently, Tony has moved into the role of Technical Advocate, where he works to advocate Cisco products and services, focusing on programmability and automation using DevOps and Open Source principles. With a wealth of experience in networking, system administration, and software development, Tony has formed and led Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams in his career, advocating the power of automation and DevOps principles. With a passion for automating everything, Tony finds purpose in helping others realize the possibilities of automation and the value that automation can bring not only in work but in life. Never stop learning; one percent better every day is his mantra. With a passion for design, ceramics, woodworking, fabrication, and home automation, Tony calls himself a maker, and it shows in his drive to learn.


July 22, 2022


Git for Network Engineers Series – The Basics
Part 1

11 min read

In the first part of our series on Git for Network engineers, get started with the basics of Git.

June 13, 2022


All In: Build Automation and Programmability Skills at Cisco Live 2022

2 min read

Discover the automation and programmability skills that bridge the gap between software and infrastructure and empower the IT teams of the future.