Excitement is in the air! It has been more than two years since the last time Cisco Live was in person! Personally, I’m really looking forward to being there to talk with our customers and partners.

It’s my passion to automate all the things, whether it’s networking, systems, or my home. I enjoy talking with people about using automation and programmability to make their jobs easier so they can focus on more important endeavors. More importantly, I want to get out there and help people learn the skills that can get them moving on their automation journey.

I’m leading several sessions at Cisco Live 2022 in Las Vegas on automation and programmability. For leaders, we’ll explore how to empower IT teams with the knowledge required to face some of today’s most complex business challenges. As for learners, we’ll dive into Python, Git, REST APIs, and more — starting with the basics. So, whether you’re a leader or a learner at Cisco Live, there’s something for you to learn and explore at these Cisco Live 2022 sessions.

DevNet Workshops at Cisco Live 2022

Design Thinking Workshop: Upskilling Your Workforce to Build the IT Team for the Future – ITLBRK-2001

Many of the complex challenges that businesses and IT are facing today converge at the nexus, where software and infrastructure meet. This convergence has created new, complex job roles, such as the Network Automation Developer, DevSecOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, and CyperOps Engineer.

As an IT leader, you need your teams to innovate, using automation, infrastructure, cloud, and programmability, all while keeping the network secure. But how do you build this team? What skills do they need and in which areas? What are the strategic priorities of your organizations that necessitate upskilling?

Join this design thinking workshop for a fun hands-on experience to discuss best practices for upskilling your team to meet the evolving demands of the network with your peers. We’ll share how Cisco Learning and Certifications, our communities, and our tools bridge the gap between software and infrastructure skills and help you build your IT team for the future.

Intro to Python – DEVWKS-1175

This workshop will give you an introduction to the basics of the Python language so you can start your automation journey.

Intro to REST APIs – DEVWKS-1185

This hands-on workshop will give you the fundamentals of REST APIs. You’ll learn what a status code and endpoint are as well as the difference between PUT, POST, and GET.

Intro to Git – DEVWKS-1255

This DevNet workshop will teach you the basics of Git, its popular commands, and its usefulness in software development and infrastructure as code.

Come find me at one of my sessions to say hello and talk about automation, DevOps, and programmability.

If you don’t see me at one of my sessions, I’ll be at the Learning and Certification space in the World of Solutions.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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