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What You Should Know About Tech Careers Of The Future″>everything

…ization (NFV), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Cloud, Internet of Things are all changing the face of networking. Technologies are changing. Tools are changing. Providers are changing. All represent an integration and management challenge to the networker of tomorrow. How does a networker bring their company forward to participate and leverage these new trends for the business? How will this impact your career? People with fundamental networking e…


Wearable 2.0: The #FutureOfMobility

…inting of new organs, we’re starting to change who we are. We’ve become ever intertwined with mobile, connected technology and there’s no going back. From a human condition perspective, we’re starting to challenge the very definition of what it means to be human, but of course we need to make sure that we don’t lose our humanity in the process. There are many ethical and moral concerns about this evolution, but I’m certain that the future is not…


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San Jose Students Harness Wind Energy

…pril 12th and 13th, teams of fifth through twelfth graders will compete to harness the power of the wind in The Tech Museum of Innovation’s 27th annual Tech Challenge – the culmination of months of hard work and real-world lessons in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Students celebrate a successful design in last year’s Asteroid’s Rock challenge. Now in its fourth year as presenting sponsor, Cisco is proud to work with prog…


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Ask The #IoE Futurist: “In an Internet of Everything World, Will the Smartphone Become Superfluous?”

…community around the first series, I’ve decided to do another series to answer questions from the education and tech community around the Internet of Everything (IoE). Whether the questions are global in scope, such as how the Internet of Everything will shape our world, or small in nature, like our most recent Ask the #IoE Futurist question about batteries or today’s question about the smartphone becoming superfluous, I enjoy the challenge of…


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High-Tech Hotel Receives Cisco Upgrade and “Powers Up” Guest Experience

…unfortunate blackout. The Mandarin Oriental, Boston engaged with Cisco knowing we could offer the most advanced technology solutions; including solutions for power management, solutions to enhance the guest experience and solutions to improve IT efficiency.  The challenge: Luxury hotels and legacy infrastructure At Cisco, we realize most luxurious hotels need to enable more technology into guestrooms to enhance the guest experience, especially t…


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