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Let’s stop talking about STEM

…current competitive global economy. And as demonstrated above, many organizational efforts are focussed on the technical aspects of IT. However, the IT landscape is currently witnessing an unprecedented transformation and the challenge is no longer just about getting more STEM representation into the sector. As Wood and co reported in Consumption Economics: The New Rules of Tech and B4B: How Technology and Big Data are Reinventing the Customer-S…


Solving the Manufacturing Workforce Crisis of 2030

…is helping to educate young women about STEM careers through the IoT World Forum Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge . The initiative is a global innovation challenge open to young women between the ages of 13-18. The aim of the challenge is to recognize, promote, and reward young innovators as they come up with new uses for Internet of Things technologies and is open now through May 18th, 2015. You can learn more about the IoT World Forum Y…


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OpenStack Podcast #24: Stu Miniman

…ut the tables turned in the 24th episode of OSPod! In this episode, get the inside skinny on: Stu’s roots in tech, including sales, engineering, product management, and strategy OpenStack reality versus hype per the latest Wikibon survey data Startup culture versus enterprise culture, and the need to innovate around old processes How Docker really is changing everything Career transformation and staying relevant as companies head for the cloud…


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OpenStack Podcast #23: Ruchi Bhargava

…people who are traditionally VMware users to OpenStack? How are you kind of bridging that gap from sort of one technology set to another inside of Intel? Ruchi Bhargava:       I think that was a huge challenge, and I’m sure that’s a challenge for everybody. Because when people started using VMware, prior to that a lot of people were just using … At Intel, we still use in our design, where the silicon design teams they use a Gri…


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OpenStack Podcast #22: Sirish Raghuram

…adoption Why his team uses Ansible for configuration management Who he thinks has done mind-blowing work in the tech world What the current monthly Amazon spending break point is, and how we might bring it down For a full transcript of the  interview, click read more below. Jeff:                 Hi, everyone. I’m Jeff Dickey from Redapt. Niki:                I am Niki Acosta from Cisco, and we are super, super, super stoked today to have a v…


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