Have you heard the news? Cisco was just named #1 on the World’s Best Workplaces list by Great Places to Work and Fortune Magazine for the second year in a row!

Yes, we’re all about our world-changing tech, our culture, and creating an inclusive future for all – but as our CEO Chuck Robbins recently said, “#WeAreCisco is more than a hashtag — it means something.”

And, as the team behind #WeAreCisco – well, we couldn’t agree more.

We’ve seen the #WeAreCisco hashtag used for celebrating all we’ve accomplished together, and we’ve also seen it used to show support – that we have each other’s backs, in good times and in bad. Yes, it’s a moment to celebrate, but it’s also motivation to keep getting better, together.

Here are a few of our employees who wanted to share what being named the #1 World’s Best Workplace for the second year in a row means to them:

Chris wears a Cisco shirt and holds up his finger as #1.

Christopher Watkins – Project Manager | Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

The unique culture here at Cisco is indescribable — as it’s like no other work environment. It’s a place of pure creativity where employees are valued and appreciated for bringing their true self to work. The level of real authentic support from leadership along with the plethora of developmental programs and culture organizations; empowers Cisco employees to be disruptors in changing the world. Cisco is a special place because it’s a natural instinct for a Ciscoian to go above and beyond in extending assistance to someone in need. This is the Cisco norm, leading with integrity to inspire and be a force for change.

Hideaki wears a Cisco hat and holds up his finger as #1.

Hideaki Nagamine – HR Assistant | Tokyo, Japan

Having Cisco named as the #1 World’s Best Workplace for a second year in a row is no surprise to me! It means that it truly is a great place to work, and we live up to our global value’s where we focus on building on the strengths of each individual employee and we have a culture of helping each other when others are in need. At Cisco, we believe that the company is made up everyone, and that it takes all of us collaborating and learning from each other to innovate together. I know that I am making an impact on Cisco’s culture, our inclusive future for all, and have the respect of my peers – in both my local Japanese community and around the globe.

Diparati wears a Cisco shirt while holding a cup of coffee and holding up her finger as #1.

Diparati Sen – Software Engineer | Chennai, India

Cisco has always been a place which upholds the principle of #LoveWhereYouWork because this company cares deeply for its employees and the world at large. The shift for all employees to work from home this year was a breeze because, as we’re the tech behind remote work and Webex, Cisco encourages people to work from anywhere. Something else I love that I don’t often see, is that Cisco upholds sustainability efforts by providing employees with tools like reusable coffee mugs which in turn reduce plastic waste. There are so many reasons I love working at Cisco! To me, it was my dream and having Cisco named the #1 World’s Best Workplace two years in a row makes me so happy. I have always known this, now the world does too. Today I’m a grateful, proud and happy Cisconian!

Melissa has #1 painted on her cheek and holds up her finger as #1.

Melissa Holder – Customer Success Executive | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

The pride in knowing that you work for the #1 World’s Best Workplace makes it that much easier to give more of yourself to a company that offers its best to you.  Whether it’s taking advantage of the medical facility, gym, or simply having a leader call (just because) and ask, “How are you?”…there’s no other place I’d rather be.

When you have the opportunity to cross paths with a fellow Cisconian who has been with the company for over 20 years, and they still have a pep in their step, are excited about the direction of Cisco and throw you a few nuggets of wisdom, you know you’ve arrived at a “Great Place to Work.”

Waking up every morning and joining a team that embraces all of my strengths and weaknesses gives me more energy than my first sip of coffee. Sipping my coffee while on video with some of the brightest people on earth is the icing on my gourmet donut. That is what being #1 World’s Best Workplace means to me. Great job, team!

Javier sits at his desk with cupcakes in the shape of a Cisco logo and holds up his finger as #1.

Javier Garza – Consultant Engineer – Mexico City, Mexico

To me, Cisco is the #1 World’s Best Workplace because it allows us to share everything with our loved ones. I can involve my family in all I do, including my work and the accomplishments we achieve together at Cisco. I even involved my family in this photo as we prepared the cupcakes to enjoy together while celebrating at home. Not only is Cisco the #1 World’s Best Workplace, but they have made my home office one of the best places to work too!

Employees, if you would like to celebrate with #1 World’s Best Workplaces stickers, Webex backgrounds and more of your very own, visit the portal. We also have some fun GIFs for you to share out on social media!

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