When my oldest daughter was born, my life changed completely. I knew I wanted to be an example to her in every way – supplying all her most important needs – but it still left me wondering: what if what she needed most was her father?

Javier kissing his daughter.

You see, when she arrived, we did not have any family or friends living in our city. I worked a job that kept me from her most of the day. She was asleep when I left for the office, and sometimes even asleep by the time I arrived back home. If she never saw me, how would she know I was there for her?

But it was difficult to change – my position and the hours I worked were typical. It’s just how all jobs were, right? At least, that was true for all the jobs I knew of at that time.

I often say that I did not come to Cisco, but that Cisco came to me – and showed me a different way to work. They became more than just a brand or tech company to me and came to be my lifestyle. Cisco values the most precious thing a person can have – and realizes that each person may have a different answer for what they value most.

When I started to work at Cisco, it not only opened the opportunity up for me to experience a different way of working – one filled with flexibility and a focus on work/life balance – but it also showed me the heart a company can have. Cisco is an empathetic company, and I truly feel they care about what concerns me and my family.

Javier's daughter looking out windown overlooking Mexico City.

I also began to develop dreams and plans that seemed impossible to achieve prior to joining Cisco.

One of these dreams was to homeschool my children. My wife and I had this dream for so long, but we are just now able to make it a reality thanks to Cisco. And in this way, I can teach my children the value of time, family and work.

On a similar note, I’ve reconnected with hobbies that made my life happier and that I had forgotten about due to lack of time – like photography. I love photographing everything, but what I really enjoy the most is photographing my family.

The photo I entered into the #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork contest means so much to me as it combines almost everything that I am most passionate about in one, singular image. It was taken (earlier this year) at the Cisco offices in Mexico, featuring my daughter overlooking the city, clutching a computer. My daughter loved visiting the offices, and every time I see this image – I see how far we have come and realize that it really is possible to combine work and family (it’s only a matter of choosing the best place to work.)

Above all, this image inspires me to teach my daughter that she is capable of anything and that, while her journey may be difficult at times, there are also no limits for her.

I hope she always remembers this photo as I do – a reflection of how I never had to choose between family and work. And that as she grows, she should be able to pursue her dreams as well.

Because of this, every day my commitment to Cisco grows. My passion to be there, to do things well, to give my best all grow because I know that I’m not only giving it to a company – but to my children, my family, to my country and to the world.

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Javier Garza Garcia

Data Center Network Consultant

Advanced Services