I’ve been sharing my life at Cisco from my own personal social media channels for many years. Posts such as international team offsites, pictures from events in Bangalore, and more.

I just completed seven years at this amazing company. Around here, we call our anniversary a “Ciscoversary.” I also call it seven years of learning and using my passions.

When I joined Cisco, I didn’t really have a plan. The experts tell you to have a one-year plan, a five-year plan, etc. I just wanted a platform to learn, bring my skills and excitement to a role, use my “social butterfly” energy, get financial independence and grow as a person and as an employee.

It’s probably good that I didn’t have a set plan. Because in business, things change so quickly, that sometimes you have to take things one day at a time. For example, I’ve had five different roles within my organization [I work in the Human Resources (HR) function.] I’ve loved every. Single. One. It has made me what I am today.

Each role was a stepping stone to the next. In my current role, I work on the Talent Brand team for the Asia Pacific region. It’s one of the coolest roles I’ve had, and I have creative freedoms to innovate and see ideas come to life. Part of my job is to share with the world why Cisco is a great place to work using the great stories that come from employees (many of which you may have read on this blog!) and that’s one of the best parts – hearing all the stories!

But today, I’m going to put on my own employee “hat” and share with you the stepping stones that got me here, so you can see Cisco culture from my own employee experience.

Stepping stone 1: the PEOPLE. I can’t say enough about the people that work here. I’ve met many along the way, and can’t wait to meet more!

Stepping stone 2: the MENTORS. Everyone is always willing to help, no matter how busy or how full our calendars get.

Stepping stone 3: the LEADERS. My experience is that our leaders have our backs. Here to support us, allow us to fly or fail, and in each instance, help us learn and grow.

Stepping stone 4: my PEERS. When you surround yourself with great PEOPLE (see #1) you surround yourself with a network of peers to support you, help you reach your goals and form great teams.

Stepping stone 5: my FRIENDS. We talk a lot about the “Cisco Family” as employees, and it really is like that. It’s not a marketing term, it’s not even something Talent Brand asks us to say. It’s something we say on our own. And it’s because we are friends. We are a family. That doesn’t mean business decisions don’t come first, but we are there for each other in good times and bad.

Stepping stone 6: INITIATIVE. Cisco is a place where your ideas are heard and given a platform to fly. All you need to do is show initiative. I believe our career is in our hands first than on the company we work for. I still remember my growth started with the first email I sent after I completed 3 months to one of my leaders that I would want to get involved in projects outside of my regular duties. And there’s no looking back.

Stepping stone 7: INNOVATION & CREATIVITY. Last but not the least. At Cisco, we’re always looking for newer and creative ways of doing things. If you’re a curious person like me, Cisco is just the place for you 😊

Who knew a socially awkward girl in high school would one day work in social media! 😃 Well, what can I say — it feels like home here. ❤


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Anjali Bhatia

Talent Adviser

Career Services