Security has always been of critical importance in transportation. As digital technology continues to drive the industry forward, it has been accompanied by an increasing number of connections to secure and complexity to deal with. Transportation organizations need to safeguard the most vital aspects of their operations to not only protect their business but to ensure the safety of their passengers​. When it comes to security in transportation, it has always been paramount, but it’s become increasingly difficult to manage and execute effectively.

Cisco Thought Leadership in Transportation

We encourage you to explore our new thought leadership paper titled “Secure Transportation Operations” where we explore some of the top components that make up an all-encompassing security strategy including:

  • Asset visibility​
  • Risk mitigation
  • Incident response

Read the paper to see how as a leader in security, Cisco can help provide the tools you need to secure your station, track, roadway, airport and port.


Scott Lantis

Marketing Manger Global Industries