May 23, 2019


One year later: The VPNFilter catastrophe that wasn’t

1 min read

One year ago, Cisco Talos first disclosed the existence of VPNFilter on May 23, 2018. The malware made headlines across the globe, as it was a sophisticated piece of malware...

February 14, 2019


Today’s critical threats: A Cisco Security threat report

2 min read

Download a copy of our first 2019 Threat Report, Defending against today’s critical threats today and start prepping for the things that are likely to come.

June 6, 2018


VPNFilter Update – VPNFilter exploits endpoints, targets new devices

1 min read

Cisco Talos has discovered additional details regarding "VPNFilter," which is targeting more makes/models of devices than initially thought, and has additional capabilities to deliver exploits to endpoints.