May 18, 2016


There’s Never Been a Better Time for Drones to Save Lives

2 min read

“Can drones save lives?” It’s a question that many outside the drone industry might find startling. Much of the general public still perceives drones as being deployed primarily for aerial surveillance or attacks in times of war.  This view was certainly reinforced in the recent movie, “Eye in the Sky.” However, that’s a very narrow […]

Drones Give Humanitarian Aid a Lift

3 min read

Okay, I admit, the headline is a bad pun. But, what isn’t bad is the speed at which drone technology is being used to save lives before, during and after a devastating event. On April 11, I was invited to attend a Discovery Event at Singularity University at Moffett Field on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) […]