SAN Telemetry Streaming

January 27, 2021


DCNM SAN Insights: Deep Fabric Visibility with Scalable Self-Learning Technology

5 min read

DCNM SAN Insights can turn an elephant of data streamed out of MDS switches into nice charts for troubleshooting and performance analyses. IO flows are self-learned and at scale.

October 26, 2017


Cost Optimized 32G Fabric Switch, FC-NPV On Nexus 9300, SAN Telemetry Streaming and Integration with Virtual Instrument …

3 min read

As data grows with more people, devices, and applications coming online, the data center storage infrastructure that hosts and powers the workloads also needs to evolve to keep up with the increasing demand. What should be truly alarming to any storage and storage networking admin is the vast majority of this data growth has happened […]