March 1, 2018


These Cisco Employees Go Behind Bars to Give Educational Freedom

3 min read

Prison is a punishment, but it's also a place for re-education. Theses Cisco employees are working with NetAcad to empower prisoners to make better choices when released.

May 10, 2017


Healthcare behind bars: Can technology improve outcomes for inmates?

2 min read

Making a trip to the doctor’s office isn’t a whole lot of fun for anyone. But if you happen to be in jail, well, it’s downright grueling. You can probably picture it based on what you’ve seen on TV and in the movies: the searches, the restraints, the uncomfortable bus ride–all part of the reason […]

June 27, 2014


#CiscoPublicSafety Series: Connected Justice Solutions for Correctional Facilities

2 min read

Two of the biggest problems that prison staff must face every day are security and cost. From visitation to healthcare to education, cost-efficient technology solutions can make the lives of inmates safer and better. Cisco® Connected Justice™ and Renovo Software have partnered to integrate Renovo’s expertise in inmate visitation management and Cisco’s open communications infrastructure. […]