Open MPI

Java Bindings for Open MPI

1 min read

Today’s guest blog post is from Oscar Vega-Gisbert and Dr. Jose Roman from the Department of Information Systems and Computing at the Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain. We provide an overview of how to use the Java bindings included in Open MPI. The aim is to expose MPI functionality to Java programmers with minimal performance […]

April 11, 2014


New Open MPI stable series launched: v1.8

1 min read

The Open MPI project released version v1.8 last week.  This is a major release that heralds the beginning of a new production-ready series, full MPI-3.0 support, and a new OpenSHMEM implementation. Open MPI is developed in a tick-tock fashion: Odd-numbered series are focused on feature development and expansion Even-numbered series are focused on stability and […]

Belated April Fool’s blog post

1 min read

I was on vacation last week, and had a nice April Fool’s blog post queued up to be posted at 8am US Eastern time on 1 April 2014. It should have appeared whilst I was relaxing on a beach… but due to a bug in our WordPress installation, it didn’t.  And I didn’t find out […]

Open MPI 1.7.5 released

1 min read

After a metric ton of work by the entire community, Open MPI has released version 1.7.5. Among the zillions of minor updates and new enhancements are two major new features: MPI-3.0 conformance OpenSHMEM support (Linux only) See this post on the Open MPI announcement list for more details.

Open MPI 1.7.4 released!

1 min read

It took us longer than we intended, but we finally released Open MPI v1.7.4.   Woo hoo!  (we got nice coverage from El Reg, too) This is a monster release; it represents hundreds (thousands? millions?) of person-hours of work.  Consider this a ginormous “thank you!” to the entire Open MPI community! Special thanks goes to […]

Open MPI: Binding to core by default

2 min read

After years of discussion, the upcoming release of Open MPI 1.7.4 will change how processes are laid out (“mapped”) and bound by default.  Here’s the specifics: If the number of processes is <= 2, processes will be mapped by core If the number of processes is > 2, processes will be mapped by socket Processes […]

At SC’13 next week? Come say hi!

1 min read

Are you going to be in Denver at SC’13 next week? Good! You need to stop by the Cisco booth (#2535) and say hi to your friendly neighborhood Open MPI developers: Dave Goodell, Reese Faucette, and Jeff Squyres.

Lawrence Berkeley Labs talk: Cisco Userspace NIC (usNIC)

1 min read

Here’s the slides from my second talk, which is a deep technical dive into both how the usNIC technology works, and how we use that technology in the BTL plugin that we wrote for Open MPI (which is upstream starting with Open MPI v1.7.3).

Lawrence Berkeley Labs talk: (Open) MPI, Parallel Computing, Life, the Universe, and Everything

1 min read

Many thanks to the crew at LBL for hosting my talks yesterday.  There were many insightful questions and comments throughout both talks. Here’s the slides from my first talk, entitled “(Open) MPI, Parallel Computing, Life, the Universe, and Everything.”  This is a general MPI/Open MPI talk, where I discussed the current state of Open MPI, […]