After a metric ton of work by the entire community, Open MPI has released version 1.7.5.

Among the zillions of minor updates and new enhancements are two major new features:

  1. MPI-3.0 conformance
  2. OpenSHMEM support (Linux only)

See this post on the Open MPI announcement list for more details.

v1.7.5 is the last planned release in the v1.7.x feature series.

As is our standard operating procedure, we’ll be renaming this release series with “1.8.x” numbering in the near future and bless it as the new “stable” series.  No new features will be added to these releases; the 1.8.x releases will include bug fixes only.

This will also mean that the older stable series — the v1.6 series — will be abandoned in favor of the new v1.8 series.

We’re also working with our downstream packagers to include the v1.8 series in their upcoming releases.

After v1.8 is out, we’ll start the process for making a new “feature” release series: the v1.9 series.  We don’t have a definite timeline for this yet, but it’ll probably be within the next few months.

Many, many thanks to everyone who spent countless hours working towards this 1.7.5 release.

Woo hoo!



Jeff Squyres

The MPI Guy

UCS Platform Software