January 16, 2019


Five Steps for Successfully Bringing Videoconferencing to the Huddle Space

Nemertes’ “Visual Communications and Collaboration: 2018-19 Research Study” gathered data on videoconferencing strategies for over five hundred end-user organizations. Here are five ways to ensure that your huddle room is a successful part of your overall videoconferencing strategy, and not a second-class collaboration citizen.

May 16, 2016


TDM vs. IP Telephony: A Retro Conversation Still Relevant Today

The benefits of an all-IP environment are significant. And with the evolution of technology, it is easier and more affordable to move. Nemertes Research just published a report detailing these benefits. Here is some of what they found…

August 27, 2013


Solve My Business Problems, Accelerate Growth, and Oh yeah, Keep the Lights On?

Are you an IT manager feeling the pressure to be “innovative” while still responsible for keeping the lights on? And what does it actually mean to be “innovative” in Enterprise IT?  Isn’t it just about the technology? Today’s IT managers are not only responsible for making technology decisions, they are becoming increasingly responsible for using […]