February 21, 2020


Threat Roundup for February 14 to February 21

Today, Talos is publishing a glimpse into the most prevalent threats we’ve observed between Feb 14 and Feb 21. As with previous roundups, this post isn’t meant to be an in-depth analysis. Instead, this post will summarize the threats we’ve observed by highlighting key behavioral characteristics, indicators of compromise, and discussing how our customers are […]

February 12, 2020


Loda RAT Grows Up

By Chris Neal. Over the past several months, Cisco Talos has observed a malware campaign that utilizes websites hosting a new version of Loda, a remote access trojan (RAT) written in AutoIT. These websites also host malicious documents that begin a multi-stage infection chain which ultimately serves a malicious MSI file. The second stage document […]

November 14, 2019


Custom dropper hide and seek

Most users assume they are safe when surfing the web on a daily basis. But information-stealing malware can operate in the background of infected systems, looking to steal users’ passwords, track their habits online and hijack personal information. Cisco Talos has monitored adversaries which are behind a wave of ongoing campaigns dropping well-known information-stealer like […]