internet security

November 21, 2014


Creating a More Secure Internet

1 min read

Trust is a fundamental requirement for people to use the Internet with confidence, and Cisco continues to find opportunities to make the Internet even more secure. I am happy to share that we are a founding sponsor of a new public benefit consortium called the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). The goal of the ISRG […]

November 19, 2013


Securing Critical Internet Infrastructure: an RPKI case study in Ecuador

3 min read

Securing the Critical Internet Infrastructure is an ongoing challenge for operators that require collaboration across administrative boundaries. Last September something exceptional happened in Ecuador, a small South American country. The entire local network operation community got together to be pioneers in securing its local Internet infrastructure by registering its networks in the Resource Public Key […]

February 18, 2013


Sovereignty and the Internet

Add this to your list of parties spoilt by the Internet revolution: national sovereignty. We all know that the borderless nature of the Internet is stretching longstanding technical and legal definitions. But recently, my colleague Richard Aceves and I got to talking about the mish-mash that social media is making of culture, language, and national […]