Round-Up: Cisco at HPC for Wall Street

2 min read

We had a great time at the recent 10th Annual High Performance Computing Linux for Wall Street event in New York on April 8, 2013. This year’s HPC conference focused on speed and cutting-edge advances in network visibility, analytics, and instrumentation. Some of the brightest minds in the financial services industry were in attendance to […]

New Addition to the Cisco MPI Team

1 min read

I’m very pleased to welcome a new member to the Cisco USNIC/MPI Team: Dave Goodell.  Welcome, Dave!  (today was his first day) Dave joins us from the MPICH team at Mathematics and Computer Science division at Argonne National Laboratory.

April 10, 2013


Presenting Open MPI, USNIC, and Cisco open source at MOSSCon’13

1 min read

I was just recently informed that my talk was accepted at the Midwest Open Source Software Conference (MOSSCon).  w00t! MOSSCon will be held at the University of Louisville, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, on May 18-19, 2013.  It’s being organized by people from the Kentucky Open Source Society (KYOSS) and other open source / maker-oriented groups […]

Latency Analogies (part 2)

2 min read

In a prior blog post, I talked about latency analogies.  I compared levels of latencies to your home, your neighborhood, a far-away neighborhood, and another city.  I talked about these localities in terms of communication. Let’s extend that analogy to talk about data locality.

April 8, 2013


Cisco Partners with Industry-Leading Trade Monitoring Vendors to Give High Performance Traders Enhanced Visibility

3 min read

Today, April 8, 2013, the brightest of Wall Street are meeting at the 10th Annual High Performance Computing Linux for Wall Street event in New York to learn about the latest technology innovations that give financial trading firms a competitive edge. With network latency achieving speeds of less than 50 nanoseconds, this year’s event focuses not […]


2 min read

The Cisco and Microsoft joint Cross-Animal Technology Project, a well-established player in the field of multi-species collaborative initiatives, is pleased to introduce its next project: a revolution in High Performance Computing (HPC): LOLCODE language bindings for the Message Passing Interface (MPI). CATP believes that cats are natural predatory programmers.  Who better to take advantage of all […]

Latency Analogies

1 min read

Multiple readers have told me that it is difficult for them to understand and/or visualize the effects of latency on their HPC applications, particularly in modern NUMA (non-uniform memory access) and NUNA (non-uniform network access) environments. Let’s breaks down the different levels of latency in a typical modern server and network computing environments.

Social media login no longer required for comments

1 min read

A number of you complained when blogs.cisco.com switched to requiring a social medial login to leave comments. It turns out that you were not alone. Industry-wide, it seems that many people do not want to associate their personal Facebook/Twitter/etc. logins with work-related social media (i.e., this effect was seen at more than just Cisco).  The […]

EuroMPI 2013: papers due soon!

1 min read

Consider this a public service announcement: don’t forget that EuroMPI 2013 papers are due soon! EuroMPI is the place to see where the documented standard of MPI hits reality, both in terms of implementations and applications.  Come talk to real implementors, real users, and hear about state-of-the art techniques and performance optimizations.