A number of you complained when blogs.cisco.com switched to requiring a social medial login to leave comments.

It turns out that you were not alone.

Industry-wide, it seems that many people do not want to associate their personal Facebook/Twitter/etc. logins with work-related social media (i.e., this effect was seen at more than just Cisco).  The social media gurus here at Cisco have therefore dropped the social media login requirement in order to leave comments on Cisco blogs.

You can now leave blog comments in the same way you used to — just provide your name and email address.


The (minor) downside is that I have to moderate/approve all comments (just like I did before).  So sometimes there’s a little delay before your comments appear.  But I always read all comments, even if it takes me a little time.


Jeff Squyres

The MPI Guy

UCS Platform Software