This week in #EducationNow, join us as we journey down under to explore innovation and technology adoption at a vibrant, global university.

Remote communities to serve. Innovations to finance. Global pressure to heighten student and educator experiences on a budget. Curtin University faced challenges that many of us across the globe are facing today in an uncertain environment where distance and remote learning are the norm, innovation is expected, and budgets are ever-shrinking. 

Over the past 15 years, I have visited dozens of universities in the US, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and the Middle East—providing me with a front row seat to the diversity of approaches being used to navigate unique opportunities, challenges and constraints. Among the universities that most stand out across those 15 years, Curtin University is a model of innovation. 

Meet Curtin University

Based in Perth, Australia, Curtin also operates a fully online campus in addition to local campuses in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Mauritius, and Kalgoorlie. 

The university’s goal: become a global leader in digital education.

The method: integrate Cisco technologies to enhance campus experiences, expand reach across virtual and physical locations, and innovate to drive relevant and immersive student engagement and outcomes.

Curtin Drives Transformation with Cisco

Discover how Curtin University and Cisco have partnered to transform student and educator experiences – from the Challenge Platform, which empowers students to solve pressing industry challenges, to the Digital Schools Network, which connects education leaders across Asia and the United States.

learn how Curtin inspires innovation

At Cisco, we’re proud to partner with Curtin University to make its vision a reality for learners in Australia and around the world. 

How is your institution innovating to drive student outcomes? Let us know in the comment section, and stay tuned for more inspiring customer stories and our next #EducationNow blog. 

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Reg Johnson

General Manager, Education

Cisco Australia and New Zealand