DevNet Certifications

October 19, 2021


[Re-]Introducing the Cisco Certified DevNet Expert

3 min read

The DevNet Expert certification takes a solid, software-first approach to the role of network engineer. Certified experts will be able to lead, design, and deliver secure, agile networks that will support the future of work and provide capabilities at the edge.

October 12, 2021


Cisco DevNet Expert: Your career-changing certification

2 min read

The new Cisco Certified DevNet Expert certification recognizes NetDevOps leaders with the expertise to leverage automation methodologies, technologies and practices to improve networking—securely and at scale.

July 12, 2021


So, You Just Passed the DevNet Associates Exam. Now What?

4 min read

Here are examples of ways to put your new skills to work; problems you can solve with automation; open-source projects you may want to engage in, and opportunities for continued learning.