The Past

It was March of 2020, and I was driving around downtown Campbell, CA, while chatting with my colleagues, speculating about the cancelation of Cisco Live Melbourne due to this “COVID thing.” I thought it was just a rumor and that nothing would happen. Then, 24 hours later, the event gets canceled. Little did I know the entire year was pretty much canceled. I was disappointed and super sad to have missed connecting with our community, customers, and partners.

The Present

Fast forward to now, after 2.5 years of presenting at conferences to a screen, in 4k, in my workout shorts and a dress shirt, with little read on audience reaction.

Now we are going IN PERSON! (Cue Mark Morrison’s Return of the Mack), and I couldn’t be more excited to deliver my sessions at Cisco’s flagship event.

The Lineup

This year I am lucky enough to be part of the Cisco Learning and Certifications track at Cisco Live in addition to delivering some awesome technical sessions and workshops in the DevNet Zone:

  • Breakout Session – Preparing for the New DevNet Associate Certification
    Monday, Jun 13 | 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM PDT

    If you are looking to get started with the New DevNet Associate Cert, this is the session to be, where we cover exam topics, style, and sample questions you might run into. We even have live demos!

  • PSO Session – Tour Cisco’s New Learning Experience for Hybrid Cloud
    Wednesday, Jun 15 | 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM PDT

    All I have to say is you would not want to miss it! The world will get introduced to a new learning experience! SEE U. THERE!

  • DevNet Theater – Snack Minute LIVE!
    Tuesday, Jun 14 | 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM PDT

    DevNet Snack Minute is your 10-minute all things APIs and Coding…. Wait you probably are familiar with the show by now, so come grab a snack and hang out with us LIVE!

  • DevNet Theater – Cisco Hybrid Cloud building blocks
    Wednesday, Jun 15 | 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM PDT

    By now you’ve heard something about Cisco Hybrid Cloud. I’ve put this session together for us to look at the Cloud building blocks. There will be a story, we will learn, and we will end up with a live demo of the hybrid cloud use case. Join me!

  • DevNet Workshop – Cisco DNA Center SDK in action
    Tuesday, Jun 14 | 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM PDT

    Looking to collect CE Credits while learning how to leverage Cisco DNAC’s SDK to automate? Then this session is for you! I will show how easy it is to get started with the SDK and how to let it do the heavy lifting for you!

The Conclusion

Writing down my sessions made me realize that I might have been too eager for Cisco Live. Nevertheless, I am beyond ecstatic to meet every single one of you there. Come join me, chat with me, and let’s connect. If for some reason you could not join all the learning in person with our team, Cisco Learning and Certifications has regular learning webinars, podcasts, and live events! So head over to the Cisco Learning Network!

See you at Cisco Live!

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Kareem Iskander

Technical Lead

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