Cloud Advisory Services

February 27, 2018


Your Guide to The Multicloud World, Part 3

5 min read

Making the move to a multicloud environment is a complicated process that requires clear-headed and careful planning, an understanding of the various options and choices that have to be made and a strategy for overcoming the obstacles that no doubt will come up.

February 5, 2018


A Strategy for Multicloud Success

2 min read

Organizations universally agree that cloud solutions provide compelling benefits in speed, flexibility, cost model and architecture. Cisco helps organizations reach cloud maturity by building custom-fit cloud strategies through Cloud Advisory.

February 21, 2017


S’mores and Hybrid IT

3 min read

S'mores by the campfire. Cocktail hour and sunsets. Your favorite meal cooked by mom. People, processes, and technology. What do these all have in common? Sometimes the classics are timeless because they just work. Resilient. Always a go-to. Beautiful in their simplicity.