Jamie Alfieri

Product Marketing: Cisco Intercloud Services

A strategic leader with a passion for demonstrating the business value of technology and how it transforms not only industries, but humanity. Jamie is a Product Marketer supporting Cisco’s strategic areas of OpenStack, Managed Services, Private Cloud, and the Intercloud.

Prior to Cisco, he was a Managing Consultant at IBM Global Business Services for five years advising Fortune 500 companies on strategic business and technical challenges. He has built a vast array of cross-functional leadership experience by managing custom designed ERP implementations to enable large-scale business transformations.

He received a BS in Interdisciplinary Engineering and Business Management from Clarkson University and an MBA from Duke University in Product Marketing and Decision Sciences.


February 21, 2017


S’mores and Hybrid IT

3 min read

S'mores by the campfire. Cocktail hour and sunsets. Your favorite meal cooked by mom. People, processes, and technology. What do these all have in common? Sometimes the classics are timeless because they just work. Resilient. Always a go-to. Beautiful in their simplicity.

June 21, 2016


Are You Living In A Cloud Computer Simulation?

3 min read

No Private vs Public cloud debate or microservices Hybrid cloud Utopia talk here. Just a little Cloud geeking and philosophy on the nature of the universe that was reignited by Elon Musk. The Elon thought experiment? Is cloud computing powering the universe and reality around us as one big simulation?   “There’s a billion to […]

April 20, 2016


Q&A: 1 CTO sheds light on his battle with Shadow IT

4 min read

Meet Derek: the man, the myth, the legend. As deputy CIO and the CTO, he is tasked with the overall technology strategy and oversees day-to-day operations for infrastructure, enterprise apps and research computing teams at the University of Arizona. By 5pm, he is enjoying the finer things in life like his scotch, the walking dead, […]

April 12, 2016


3 Keys to the Multi-cloud Maze

4 min read

Cloud is king, right? Democratizing IT to the masses. Speed, speed, speed. But wasn’t it supposed to simplify everything too? With business convenience and agility came an IT spaghetti chart of systems. SaaS Silos. IaaS sprawl. Legacy data integration nightmares. Throw in some Big Data and Hybrid Cloud initiatives. Sound familiar? This spaghetti chart is […]

May 19, 2015


What’s the 411 on OpenStack based Summit Collaboration in Vancouver?

2 min read

Last week, I was prepping for the 11th OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, when I suddenly had a question pop up. How on earth would I, much less over a hundred of us, from Cisco communicate at an international destination in an easy and organized way? Some group ideas were: Temporary international data plans for $30 […]