Cisco UK

June 10, 2024


Navigating the Digital Future: Cisco’s Vision for the UK’s Tech-Led Growth

2 min read

In a world where technologies have become the backbone of thriving businesses; efficient public services, and citizen empowerment, the stakes for tech policy have never been higher. Cisco's Ten Tech Priorities to Power the UK’s Future is designed to help policy makers cement the UK’s position as a global tech leader.

July 2, 2020


Everything Has Changed, but Will It Stay that Way?

4 min read

Today for #GovernmentNow, we assess our capacity for behaviour change and discuss the opportunities and barriers to building a post-crisis reality that is more equitable, inclusive, and prosperous.

May 10, 2016


Eating four beetles at Cisco to send three children to school

3 min read

As I drove to the office one Friday in March, little did I know that my day would end with me eating four beetles. Yes, you read that correctly, BEETLES!...