Stu Higgins

Head of Smart Cities and IoT, UKI

Public Sector

Stu is responsible for all Cisco's UKI Smart City engagements and IoT (Internet of Things) projects within Cisco's UKI Public Sector team. He is a passionate advocate for harnessing digital technologies to improve the lives of people throughout large and small communities, whether they are working, learning, studying, at play or just out and about having fun. Stu also believes that technology has a significant role to play in addressing the issues people face in their everyday lives. Stu's work involves helping towns, cities, regions and other communities explore how they can digitise their environments and use technology to address the challenges experienced by their residents, visitors and local employees. Stu also represents Cisco on several industry boards and advisory panels focused on Smart Cities and IoT. You can also follow Stu on the Cisco Blogs UKI site.


July 2, 2020


Everything Has Changed, but Will It Stay that Way?

4 min read

Today for #GovernmentNow, we assess our capacity for behaviour change and discuss the opportunities and barriers to building a post-crisis reality that is more equitable, inclusive, and prosperous.

January 23, 2020


The Future of Cities and Communities in the UK

4 min read

Cities and towns are in a constant state of evolution in the UK. Join us as we explore how to create smarter communities in our cities and towns.