James Bedford

Office of the Vice President

EMEAR Marketing

James Bedford is part of the EMEAR Marketing management leadership team and has been at Cisco for eight years. He is an expert in storytelling and communications and his mission is to encourage marketing and communications professionals to be more 'human'.

“Behind every search query, mobile device and laptop is a human so let’s talk like humans do and remove business language from our conversations!”

James believes the human approach, coupled with great content marketing creates emotional brand attachment and builds authentic customer relationships. He encourages employees to “get social” and share their expertise with customers and prospects via social media.

Aside to his day job, James is a regular CiscoTV anchor and interviews Cisco partners, customers and Cisco executives at events such as; Cisco Live, the Internet of Things World Forum and Collaboration Summit.


May 10, 2016


Eating four beetles at Cisco to send three children to school

3 min read

As I drove to the office one Friday in March, little did I know that my day would end with me eating four beetles. Yes, you read that correctly, BEETLES!...