AWS Reinvent was packed this year and I made a short recap video to show you the highlights from some of my favorite swag, sessions, and experiences at this year’s conference. Give the video a watch and let me know in the comments what some of your favorite takeaways are.

If you missed his session you can catch Carlos Pereira’s thoughts on FSO in his latest snack minute. Or visit the website to learn more about Full Stack Observability.

Also make sure to read Justin Buchanan’s latest blog on Cisco and AWS: Securing your resilience in a hybrid cloud world; If you were unable to catch his session or are just looking for some next steps.

Finally make sure to experience all of the amazing sandboxes and learning labs I was bragging about in my in-booth theater sessions. And of course, try out API Insights, the open source solution, developed by Cisco, that enables developers to identify technical, documentation completeness and quality issues with APIs before production. A reminder… it’s 100% free!

Paalam (Farewell)

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