Analyst Insights

December 14, 2020


EDR. NDR? XDR! … is it more than just marketing?

1 min read

As is often true with new security concepts, vendors are quickly adopting the new terminology to showcase their products' capabilities. This is where things get confusing and tricky. Here, we cut through the noise and provide some clarity on XDR, and show 10 ways Cisco delivers XDR capabilities today.

December 1, 2020


Analyst Insights: What’s Driving 400G Forward?

1 min read

What’s Driving 400G Forward? At the September Network Insider Series, we introduced new 400G switches and line cards that deliver more bandwidth and more features. Now, we ask for an analyst perspective on the transition to 400G… What business challenges are driving bandwidth demand? What 400G features really matter in our changing IT landscape? Where […]