Cisco Live 2024! The event brought together 21,000 industry leaders, technology enthusiasts and visionaries. This year we had the opportunity to share how our customers can leverage the Visibility, Insights, and Action steps to create the future of the guest and fan experience.

Optimize the fan experience

Cisco’s innovative approach is revolutionizing the way customers in retail, hospitality, sports, media, and entertainment optimize guest and fan experiences. At the core of this transformation is the powerful trifecta of AI capabilities: Visibility, Insights, and Action. By harnessing these tools, businesses gain an unprecedented level of visibility into the preferences and behaviors of their guests and fans. This deep understanding allows for a more tailored and engaging experience, as organizations can observe and analyze interactions in real-time, identifying trends and preferences that were previously hidden in the noise of data.

Actionable insights

The second pillar of this transformative strategy involves extracting actionable insights from the vast amounts of data collected. Cisco’s AI solutions empower stores, hotels and stadiums to decipher complex patterns and understand the nuances of guest behavior. This leads to the delivery of personalized services and experiences that resonate on an individual level. By analyzing data with precision, organizations can anticipate needs and preferences, creating a more intimate and satisfying interaction for each guest or fan.

Creating a guest-centric future

Finally, the strategic action steps that businesses take, informed by AI’s predictive capabilities, are what set Cisco’s customers apart. Leveraging the foresight provided by AI, companies can proactively address potential challenges and seize opportunities to delight their guests. This proactive approach ensures that operational visibility and insights are not just met but seamlessly exceeded, creating a guest-centric future that feels intuitive and responsive.

Cisco’s case studies from across various sectors demonstrate the tangible benefits of this AI-driven strategy, showcasing how businesses are redefining hospitality and entertainment to place guests and fans at the heart of every experience.

If you want to learn more, check out our session from Cisco Live that Shawn Jett and Kevin Yarnell hosted, it dives deep into how you can leverage the visibility, insights, and action steps to create the future of the guest and fan experience. To learn more about the use cases and architectures that are making a difference for Retail, Hospitality and Sports, Media and Entertainment, check out the Portfolio Explorer.


Sabrina Gonzalez

Global Retail Marketing Manager

Marketing and Communications