Kevin Yarnell

Senior Executive - Americas

Retail and Hospitality

I am very proud of my role as Senior Executive within the Industry Sales Organization at Cisco. My passion for creating a unique guest or fan experience allows me the opportunity to drive digital transformation within the Hospitality and Sports verticals. Being the executive voice to some of the largest customers in many industries affords me a perspective that clients are longing to gain to accelerate their competitive advantage and get to market first. I love the feeling when we create something that delights guests and makes staff more efficient while putting smiles on faces. I have over 20+ years of experience within hospitality (don’t let this baby face fool you), working with organizations on their digital transformation strategies leveraging IOT technologies, innovation, and analytics. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with many hospitality clients mapping a strategy for casino, hotel, amusement park, entertainment venue, stadiums, and cruise line of the future initiatives back to technologies solutions and architectures. I’ve learned to broaden my views by learning from other cultures. Having opened or remodeled properties across North America, managed digital transformation projects in Canada, or setting up automation workflows in Latin America opened my eyes to world views. Seeing the largest hospitality projects in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Singapore open and utilizing your technology suggestions is an overwhelmingly proud feeling that I have experienced. My specific area of expertise is working with clients on solutions for enabling guest experience and staff productivity. Some examples include guest insights and analytics, digital platforms for mobile, collaboration in the areas of flexible fulfillment, personalization, frictionless check in/out, and social media enablement, all of this while creating a secure network to protect the data. While traveling is in my blood, I believe we all need that next escape on our calendars. Whether it’s a family vacation, or business trip, we all need a way to grow from new experiences. Travel - (noun) the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.


March 20, 2023


How can Cisco help with staffing shortages?

3 min read

To keep up with shifting demands, retailers, many of whom operate on outdated staffing technology, can quickly implement Cisco solutions that will not only help retain talent during these critical months, but also recruit associates as well.