Shawn Jett

America’s Business Development Lead


I'm Shawn, both a sports and tech enthusiast. Whether I'm diving into the latest sports tech innovations or scoring goals in the how the world of digital is changing the the fan experience, you'll find me at the intersection of my two favorite passions. By day, I'm navigating the dynamic realm of technology at Cisco, bringing the power of innovation to life with our end- to -end solutions. But when the game clock stops, you'll catch me cheering on my favorite teams, debating sports stats, or tweaking my fantasy lineup. Fueled by the excitement of sports and the endless possibilities of tech, I'm on a mission to bridge the gap between the stadium and the digital realm. Let's chat sports, tech, or the perfect blend of both – I'm all ears!


Revolutionizing Fan Engagement: Cisco’s High-Density WiFi Transforms Stadium Experiences

2 min read

Cisco’s High-Density WiFi is the invisible force that unites fans and players with the entire stadium experience. Cisco is driving a revolution that transforms every moment of every game into an immersive, digital spectacle.