Digitization of communication service providers(CSPs) starts with SDN and NFV. But they are facing a lot of challenges as they transform their network and operations to meet the demands of becoming a digital service provider. Adoption has been slow. Most of them are stuck in proof of concept stage while others are trying to understand how to deliver and scale services as shown in Figure 1. To find out why, we surveyed a number of CSPs around the globe. We compiled the findings into a 200-page playbook. The playbook is based on the approaches and methodologies these service providers used to overcome their challenges.

The transformation is more than a technology shift. As a head of network and IT of one of the European operators highlighted “It is not just a technology project. Our goal is to be more customer-centric with our offerings, with the ability to be agile and create products on the fly”. The playbook provides guidance on what it takes to transform your operations, technology adoption, organization, people, marketing, sales….to meet the demands of SDN and NFV. The plays provide insights to various stakeholders like CMOs, CFOs, CTOs and CSOs within the SP.

   We have developed this playbook to guide you through your transition. Let us jump in and help you win this matchup against the digital economy. Details of  the playbook summary can be found here.




Ben Bekele

Director Prouduct Management