Unleashing the Potential of Mobile Cloud Services

5G networking will create many opportunities for service providers.

Enhanced mobile broadband and fixed wireless access are two examples of the kind of new service that will be possible. And there will also be opportunities to support growth in areas like the internet of things (IoT), network as a service (NaaS), and virtual reality.

It’s an exciting time. But the challenge is supporting these agile new services when there is increasing pressure on networks. If they want to succeed in future, service providers will need to unify multi-cloud, multi-vendor structures into more manageable systems that can support agile cloud services. And the advantages will go to those who get there first.

A Streamlined 5G Solution

Transforming your network can be a daunting prospect. But with Cisco’s 5G PowerX network platform , providers can be confident of being able to rapidly develop and deliver these services. 5G PowerX is an open, programmable architecture that creates a unified connectivity from cloud to client.

End-to-end automation simplifies complex infrastructures into a streamlined, standards-based architecture. Network slicing enables the delivery of specific KPIs to meet customer needs. And model-driven telemetry provides the intelligence needed for efficient network management.

These capabilities will create new opportunities for providers, who will be able to deliver services from the network edge for greater capacity, faster speeds and lower latencies.

Creating a Distributed Architecture for Mobile Video

One service provider whose ambitions we have supported is the Indian business Reliance Jio (Jio). Beginning in 2016, Jio set out to fulfil its ambition to propel India into a global leadership role in the digital economy.

We worked in partnership with Jio to create the world’s largest all IP network. Over the past year, this has grown to reach a size of 2.5 exabytes (2.5 billion gigabytes), and by the end of 2018 it’s expected to reach 6.5 exabytes. That means it will cover 99% of India’s population, powered by more than 250,000 Cisco routers.

Our support has enabled Jio to put in place the end-to-end automation required to manage a network of this scale. We’ve also helped the business harness the power of capacities like separating the control and user planes, meaning that fast and efficient services can be run from the network edge.

Our support has helped Jio move from 150th place to number one in worldwide mobile data usage, supporting 2 billion hours of high speed video per month .

Mathew Oommen, the company’s president, says: “Reliance Jio is always about innovation and disruption, and multi-access edge computing enables a new way to deliver a broad range of media and mission-critical services with enhanced customer experience with improved network efficiency.”

The Expertise to Transform Your Network

Service providers like Reliance Jio know that they’ll need to transform their network infrastructure if they want to take the opportunities created by 5G. And they trust Cisco’s expertise and knowledge to support this process.

We’ve played an important role in developing a lot of the technology behind 5G networking. Which means we’re well-placed to help service providers build the capacity in their systems to support business growth in a 5G future.


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Patricia Lopez

Marketing Manager

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