By Igor Dayen, Manager, SP Product and Solutions Marketing  Igor-Dayen

The excitement starts on November 3rd in Cancun, Mexico where Cisco is holding our next Cisco Live event. A great opportunity for the service provider community to study with industry experts, get inspired, and understand how Cisco’s Open Network strategy can fast track their growth.  In the World of Solutions the SP booth is hosting numerous demos and live equipment which tell the story of how Cisco is helping carriers address their business requirements.

Cisco Live is known for the extensive number of breakout technical sessions, and Cancun will be no different. Hot topics such as NFV and SDN will be extensively covered.


Cancun CL sessions 10.21

So what can you expect when you “get behind the driver’s seat” and take the tour of the SP booth?   It is the world of the open network. You will appreciate the power of the Evolved Programmable Network built on latest innovations such as Autonomic Networking and nV technology.  Both of these technologies create a true zero-touch provisioning in the Access network infrastructure.   When put to work, they significantly simplify network operations and reduce the number of truck rolls.

As far as optical networking is concerned, we are showcasing advances in ROADM technology and the Optical Network Transport.  With NCS 2000 ROADM we will demonstrate innovations critical to the flexible and dynamic needs of networks and what new capabilities are on the horizon. Our NCS 4000 story will depict convergence between Packet, Optical Transport Network (OTN) and wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM).  This convergence solution is the foundation for business flexibility, enabling network operators to support traditional subscribers, wholesalers, and data center interconnect all in one.

All of the above-mentioned resources are successfully orchestrated by the Evolved Services Platform.  We will take you through and show how the ESP engine orchestrates and automates EPN resources.   We invite you to test drive the ESP framework and gain understanding on the benefits and capabilities. Not only will you learn to operate within this framework but you will also understand how the ESP allows end users and enterprises to focus on their core business and lower their OpEx in their own turn.

The best way to explain the ESP is to illustrate its power with important user cases, which is why we are bringing to Cancun four very different examples. First, Quantum virtualized Broadband Node(Q-vBN) Quantum virtualized Broadband Node offers individual device management with cloud-based QoS that is accessible by home network environment.  Q-vBN is our residential vCPE use case.  The second use case is Cloud DVR.  The ESP enables you to scale and accelerate the delivery of any type of content, over any network to any device, removing the need for a physical DVR located in customer homes.  Third is virtualized Managed Services which explains how Cisco ESP helps you rapidly create and automate the self-service, cloud-based delivery of managed network, and security services. This is our business use case of vCPE for Enterprise and SMB users.  Last but not least, with the QvPC example you will learn how virtualized mobile packet core redefines agility for mobile carriers.  You will find out how this solution, based on NFV and SDN, implements the functionality that helps SPs scale new packet core systems.

All-in-all, it will be a great show.  Regardless of where you are travelling from we promise to make the days exciting and full of learning for you. Sunny Mexico awaits you and we look forward to seeing you at Cisco Live Cancun!

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Greg Smith

Sr. Manager, Marketing

Cisco Solutions Marketing