No doubt, these are exciting times for service providers.  With the massive transformations that are happening nowadays in the industry and marketplace, being at the center of it all presents a huge opportunity. Well, this is exactly where service providers find themselves today: at the center of how enterprise businesses and consumers can transform through innovation.

At Cisco we are well-positioned to drive profitable growth for our service provider partners.  We have made a number of significant changes intended to help service providers globally earn more, reduce cost to serve while improving their agility.

We created an SP Segment and I have been asked to lead the overall business and strategy for Development, Nick Adamo will lead Sales, and Cedrik Neike will lead Services. Together we are partnering to simplify our engagement model and at the same time leverage the entire Cisco portfolio of solutions and products to bring to our customers the capabilities they need to achieve their business objectives.

We believe service providers are centered on transformation through innovation.  We believe that, with Cisco, they can:

  • Transform the experience
  • Transform the business
  • Transform the architecture

In the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing more specifics on how Cisco’s innovative solutions, architecture, products and technologies are the catalysts for transformation or as we call it “transformation through innovation”.

I invite you to view this short video below that shows the possibilities created when service providers, with Cisco, together embark on this transformation-through -innovation journey.

Now that you’ve watched the video you are ready to take the next step. Please visit our website and contact your Cisco representatives to learn more.  They will share more specifics behind our “transformation through innovation” strategy, specific ways this strategy has led to profitable business growth.



Kelly Ahuja

Senior Vice President

Service Provider Business, Products, and Solutions