Brian's GarageIn just a couple of days, many of you will be taking planes, trains, and automobiles to sunny Barcelona. I see that the weather forecast is for 65ºF / 19ºC for the opening day of Mobile World Congress. I really appreciate how the MWC timeframe has gradually crept closer to Spring over these past few years. Maybe you are not paying attention to the weather as much as me. You would if you had the same view that I have out my window, where it is currently 20ºF / -6ºC. Yes, I should clean off my roof. But I do like that my garage roof serves as an historical record of the unmerciful winter we have had here in Boston in northeast U.S., where we have had over 100 inches / 250 cm of snow so far.

So my main point is, if you don’t go to MWC 2015 next week, you are going to miss some awesomely nice warm weather. I am NOT going to miss that.

But if you do go to MWC 2015 next week and do NOT come by to visit the Cisco booth at Hall 3, 3E30, you are going to miss a lot more than just nice weather. Here’s what you will miss.


There will be Demos

We’lI show you how Cisco can help you drive new revenues and lower costs by offering Cisco solutions for Mobility, Cloud, Virtualization, and Analytics. You can see a short description of these demos at our MWC external site.

I don’t want to give it all away but here are some highlights of what you will see:

  • Voice over Wi-Fi is Calling! Some of you are thinking – Voice and Wi-Fi together, been there, done that. But since Apple announced support in iOS 8, VoWi-Fi is the new black! We’ll show you how VoWi-Fi services built upon Cisco’s EPC and carrier-grade Universal Wi-Fi architecture are going to solve many of your coverage issues, efficiently and cost effectively, and complement your VoLTE services.
  • Orchestration and Provisioning of virtualized resources for agile services automation. Let me try that again in plain English… we’ll show you how the Cisco Evolved Services Platform will let your customers purchase cloud-based IT and Communications services from you as easily as they purchase items on Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, or other online shopping sites. Really!
  • Virtual HetNet. Quite simply the best solution on the market to let you rapidly deploy and easily manage Small Cells, to add capacity and density that is tightly aligned with providing overall Macro optimization. There, I said it.
  • Internet of Everything. See how you can work with Cisco to create solutions to drive new revenue-generating, higher value-add Internet of Everything services across many vertical markets. And come discover why there’s a Connected Bus Stop in our booth!
  • Data Analytics. Sure, this is a buzz word that’s all the rage. But we’re going to show you that it not just about the data, it’s more about the insights! And we’ve got some new ways to help you get these…to drive new sources of revenue.

 There will be an awesome attendee Wi-Fi experience

Did you know that Cisco will power the Wi-Fi network in the Fira Gran Via…just like we did last year! We’ve got our team setting up the NoC already. Last MWC, we covered over 240,000 m2 of the venue with high-quality Wi-Fi networking, and over 80,000 unique devices connected to the Wi-Fi network with an average of 45,000 devices daily. And one guy did a 280 GB upload during peak traffic time, the largest single upload by anyone at MWC. Oh, you didn’t notice? You bet you didn’t, because that network was humming all the time, all week. You wanna be that guy this year? Go ahead, be that guy.

And there will be dozens of SPs globally who will support the Hotspot 2.0 Experience that the Cisco-powered network will provide, meaning that many of you will seamlessly, automatically roam onto the MWC Wi-Fi network when you arrive at the entrance area.

There’ll be other stuff going on like announcements of new solutions and successful SP customer deployments, Cisco SMEs speaking at MWC 2015 sessions, etc. So come on by and stay as long as you like. Just make sure you reach out to your friendly Cisco account team to book your visit. Or come by our Reception desk and introduce yourself so we can get you signed up for a booth tour.

See you in sunny Barcelona!

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Brian Walsh

Senior Marketing Manager