There continues to be a lot of talk about automation and orchestration for carrier-grade workloads. However, these technologies can’t be fully leveraged until proper telemetry can be implemented. To shed some light on progress we’re making in delivering on network telemetry for we recently hosted a Cisco Knowledge Network webinar on the subject: How to “Transform Your Network with Model-Driven Telemetry”. We brought in Shelly Cadora, a Principal Engineer here at Cisco to share how model-driven telemetry is a first step in transforming how you monitor and operate your network.

Model Driven Telemetry Straight from the ExpertsShelly identifies three major enablers for telemetry:

  1. Enable a push architecture for performance
  2. Analytics-ready data for tool chains to standardize on
  3. Data driven models for automation

After providing several CLI samples, config models, YANG models, and more to show how you can stream data from network devices, the webinar takes it one step further, and shows how everything that had been shared can be put into real use. Shelly demonstrates, live, how IOS XR (6.1.1), YANG models, and open source tools can be used to develop helpful tools for abstracting network data.

Carriers need to be more agile, reduce operational costs, and simplify their network. Telemetry offers a path to achieving these goals. Learn more by watching the Cisco Knowledge Network event here.


Dan Crawford

Marketing Manager

Service Provider Infrastructure