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The IBC (International Broadcasting Conference) opens again in Amsterdam this autumn with Cisco demonstrating advanced solutions that push the envelope of new technologies offering Service Providers new and innovative services to their customers whilst reducing the costs in delivering these advanced services utilizing newer infrastructure architectures.

Cisco’s report on the growth of Internet traffic (the VNI Global IP Traffic and Service Adoption Forecast) declares that by 2018, the world will reach 2.5 trillion Internet video minutes per month.  That’s 5 million years of video will cross the Internet each month. The quality of video is also increasing, with 4K video technology now becoming available. Soon this will become mainstream as video Service Providers are gearing up toward providing HEVC across all delivery platforms – cable, satellite and broadband.

4k demo-Scott Meek

It isn’t just the high resolution services that are changing; the demand from customers to view their content on more and more devices, with differing formats and a more ‘personalized’ experience, is still prevalent. New trends are also starting to emerge. The Internet of Everything (IoE) is an exciting new market for Service Providers to explore and leverage to provide innovative new services outside the traditional delivery of video. Cisco have been at the forefront of the IoE revolution, with John Chambers predicting that IoE will have a significantly greater effect on people’s lives than even the internet has done!

As services provided to customers change, so do infrastructures.  An example is the move from large private data centres to virtualized cloud-based services. Cisco has responded to this evolution by announcing the virtualization of Videoscape, transforming the solution into cloud services and giving SPs greater services velocity whilst minimizing CapEx.  At Cisco, we are well along with the change –  for example check the recent announcement of the Videoscape Virtualized Video Processing (V2P) at NAB back in the spring. At IBC, we are aggressively extending this message of virtualization and expanding Videoscape to the cloud to help our

customers deliver amazing new experiences including and transforms their businesses to grow faster.

At IBC, we are also showing many new Videoscape capabilities, leveraging the Intercloud –  a hybrid of Cisco Cloud Services, SP private cloud and partner cloud capabilities. This provides massive benefits to the Service Provider around agility – elastic compute resources scale with demand instead of having to invest for peak demand.

We will also be showing next gen cloud-powered immersive 4K (pictured above is Scott Meek. Look for him at the booth if you’d like a demo) and innovative new offers based on Snowflake 15, our multi-award-winning user experience design. Leveraging 4k, Snowflake 15 offers a new, highly immersive award-winning multi-screen video experience.  Plus new service opportunities in security, mobile video, analytics and advertising.

Join us at IBC for a demo at hall 1 booth A71 and for the Connected Life demo in Hall 8 booth G11.

Tweet us @CiscoSPVideo if you have any questions about our demos.


David Yates

as Director of Service Provider Video Marketing at Cisco