dawoodWritten by Sultan Dawood, Marketing Manager

As SDN and NFV continue to be top of mind technologies for service providers, Light Reading is launching its first Big Telecom Event focused on bridging the gap in the telecom industry between technology know how and business acumen. In partnership with the Open Networking Forum (ONF), this event will comprises a conference with show floor demonstrations of networking technologies and applications that deliver real insight and tangible value to attendees. The BIG Telecom Event (BTE) will be a single big-tent event that aggregates all the hottest areas across our industry – including SDN/NFV and the carrier cloud, Ethernet, telco data centers, service orchestration, packet-optical transport, mobile backhaul, mobile network security, 4G/small cells, service provider IT, content management, and business services.

The event will be held in Chicago next week, June 17-18, 2014. Cisco will be a leading participant our comprehensive SDN, NFV and Orchestration solutions portfolio. Cisco’s Evolved Services Platform (ESP) delivers flexible and agile services and is delivered as part of an intelligent, resilient and highly scalable Evolved Programmable Network (EPN).

We’ll be the lead vendor in the Mobility application zone with demos highlighting how SDN, NFV and Orchestration can be leveraged in service provider networks. Cisco will also be participating in several panel talks revolving around virtualization in mobile networks, SDN in packet-optical transport networks and SDN/NFV service enablement.

Please join us as this event, meet with our subject matter experts and learn about our intelligent and programmable solution portfolio.


Greg Smith

Sr. Manager, Marketing

Cisco Solutions Marketing