I hope you join us at the Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies event March 12-14 in Denver.  It promises to be a great event that takes a deep dive into the opportunities and challenges facing the cable industry and creates a roadmap for the industry’s future course.

Cable operators know that competing in today’s market means leveraging their HFC plant’s existing infrastructure and extending the value of that investment by doing these three things:

  • Dramatically reducing the time and effort to operate their network through simplification and automation.
  • Optimizing their network resources and capacity with cloud integration.
  • Delivering new revenue-generating services such as managed security, 5G backhaul, managed WiFi, SD-WAN and more.

Those strategies are definitely in Cisco’s sweet spot, with our end-to-end hardware and top-to-bottom software solutions to help cable operators navigate their network transformation, and our focus on how to help Service Providers around the world save money, make money and mitigate risk.

Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies expert team of Heavy Reading analysts and Light Reading editors are bringing together industry leaders to delve into these strategies and more.

They’ll be exploring the technologies and architectures that are key to the continued success of the cable industry, including DOCSIS 3.1, Full Duplex DOCSIS, Coherent Optics, Distributed Access Architecture, Fiber Deep, FTTH, network virtualization, automation, artificial intelligence, OTT video, cloud-based services, IoT, WiFi, cellular backhaul, small cells, Citizens Broadband Radio Service and 5G.

Cisco Fellow and Cable CTO John Chapman will deliver a keynote presentation addressing the evolution of DOCSIS and how cable networks will scale into the future.   He and Service Provider VP/GM Cable Sean Welch will also be participating on two panels to discuss how ‘Cable Moves to the Cloud’ and ‘Cable’s Last Mile:  Getting Down with Distributed Access Architecture’.

Light Reading’s Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies event is sure to be stimulating and thought-provoking.

Hope to see you at #CNG2019!


Live Updates:

Cisco’s tabletop and demonstration at CNG2019.
John Chapman explains what cable network transformation looks like with distributed access architecture, live from the CNG2019 “Cable’s Last Mile” panel.
“Should we call you the father of DOCSIS?! Or the Godfather of DOCSIS?!” Light Reading’s Alan Breznick introduces Cisco’s John Chapman who shared the past, present, and future of DOCSIS at CNG2019.
Cloud native technology will deliver scalable and operational benefits for cable operators. There is a learning curve for both vendors and operators. We will be, together, defining what DevOps means for MSOs. Cisco VP/GM Sean Welch at CNG2019.


Tammy Snook Quezada

Head of Portfolio Marketing

Global Service Provider