IBC is here again. And so just before all the noise begins, perhaps it’s a good time to take a step back and look at where the pay video industry, and service providers in particular, are going.

So let’s get one thing clear; video is still the king of entertainment. Yes, the industry is changing, it always has.
But video is not following the same path as the music industry where content has become devalued.

Video has its own journey.

The video pie is growing. Certainly in quantity, but also in quality. Premium video is being created at a higher rate than ever before.

In fact, the quantity of scripted original series has almost doubled in the last five years. Not only that, but your average US adult now watches almost 6.5 hours of video a day (seriously, don’t they have a life?). More and more money is being poured into video production and consumers are willing to pay good money to lap it all up.

The opportunity that pay video represents is getting bigger. So it’s all about how to grab a piece of that pie.

Looking at the glass half empty, it’s tempting to say that service providers are getting less and less from this growing video pie. They are now challenged by newcomers, both direct competition from their region and also global players. Add to that growing piracy, growing content costs, direct distribution from media companies and you end up with churn rates that are rising sky high and challenging business.

While this challenge is not news to you, the question often remains “Where should I set my sights for my video business and who should I trust to take me there?”

At Cisco, our strategic investment in video has enabled us to chart a new path for the cloud video business. One that sees the glass half full.

We call it ‘Infinite Video Platform’.

At the upcoming IBC show, we’ll be showing how you can revolutionize the video experience to attract more subscribers, monetize content to get a bigger slice of the revenue pie, and streamline your operations to deliver more content for less expense. You can also discover the advances we are making in analytics and 5G mobile and obviously video quality, a key differentiator for SPs.

Above all, nothing matters more than results. You’ll have the opportunity to learn first-hand from other service providers how they evolved their business with Infinite Video Platform.

Join us at IBC at stand 1.A71 and help yourself to a glass that’s more than half-full.


Yaron Agami

Senior Manager

SP Product Marketing, Cable and Satellite Segments