Hackers are in the news every day. If it is not Hillary or the DNC emails from WikiLeaks, we hear about racist hate speech appearing on unsuspecting Charter cable subscriber’s screens in Texas. These latest breeches are on the heels of very high profile attacks at TV5Monde where live streams were hijacked and Talk Talk’s 170k subscriber data thefts. The Internet is wonderful technology but unfortunately it is also fertile ground for all types of cyber crime. That is why the largest global enabler of the Internet, Cisco has made cyber security its top strategic priority. We’ve invested over $5 billion in security in the last 3 years both organically and through acquisitions of industry-leading technologies. Our architectural approach integrates best of breed technologies to tackle our customers’ top concern: security.

As everything in their world becomes digital, our customers want a trusted partner with experience across the board. We believe no one is better positioned than Cisco because, in our view, the only way to protect enterprises is via the network. Our strategy in security is to embed threat-centric security everywhere across the extended network. And Service Providers that provide Video, Mobile, Fixed, and OTT services to their customers are a key beneficiary of our strategy. Cloud and IP transition brings business benefits of agility, flexibility and scalability and there is no question that our customers must transform to be successful but then they also have to deal with new security challenges. Cisco’s architectural approach to security is one that is simple, open, and automated to help service providers effectively protect their business, protect their customers, and monetize new business opportunities enabled by the digital revolution.

Service Providers need a solution that will enable them to launch new services and features quickly and securely reach all brands of consumer devices. Our customers are implementing security to get studios’ approval to deliver their premium content and to protect opportunities for new revenue streams.

Take video content protection for example: content can be stolen in a number of new ways – via cyber attacks on the video backend infrastructure, illegal live capturing of video from consumer viewing devices, device and app hacking, and more. To be one step ahead of the hackers, one must consider and be on the lookout for what pirates might do next and continually close the weakest links. We leverage industry-leading threat intelligence from our Talos organization and integrate that with cross-network visibility, and best-of-breed security technology and services to deliver highly effective protection from cyber crime. It is not enough to defend the network perimeter. You need a multi-layered approach to security. Your security solution must continuously monitor the entire IT environment in case unknown threats get in. Only then can you quickly detect, contain, and remediate breaches before they damage your business. We are #1 in both video security and Data Center security, and now these fields are converging for the next generation of video delivery.

video security

Cisco’s Threat-Centric security approach to video headend and media data center security safeguards video content, broadcast infrastructure, and critical business systems. Our security solutions work together to protect your business from advanced cyber threats before, during and after an attack. BEFORE the attack, our solution strengthens the network perimeter, enforces secure access, and safeguards media content across networks, systems, users, and data. DURING the attack, it provides real-time detection and mitigation from known threats. And AFTER the attack, it helps you to quickly discover malware that gets in and resolves these unknown attacks to prevent your business from being compromised.

With VideoGuard Everywhere, we moved from distinct products to a single unified solution for Conditional Access (CA) cardless CA, and multi-DRM based protection. Our new solution can be deployed and managed from the cloud; it is easy to integrate with other backend systems and is used for service development with open APIs. With VideoGuard Everywhere Streaming Piracy Prevention (SPP) we are taking the next step to stop the growing issue of online piracy. For live events, like sports, time is critical. SPP combines multiple technologies like web monitoring and watermarking and adds the missing ingredient of real-time termination leveraging CA and DRM.

To learn more about our latest Cisco Security for Video solutions, stop by our booth at IBC and see it catch the bad guys in real time.


Sam Rastogi

Senior Product & Solutions Marketing Manager