Recently I shared with you an ACG Research report which shows Cisco leading in Mobile IP Infrastructure and gaining market share.

Now step with me into the future for a moment and picture this.

2018 – nearly 21 billion globally networked devices and connections are live, 7.3 billion M2M are online, four billion global Internet users are connected, and IP video  represents 79 percent of all Internet traffic. According to a recent Cisco Visual Networking Index study, this is a mere glimpse of the future. And who is at the heart of enabling all of this? You’re right, mobile service providers.

The next thing you will want to know is what puts them in this sweet spot. Capturing  the opportunities afforded by everything going mobile is not easy. Yet service providers alerted at this high-stakes business promise of the future are racing to set themselves up with the means to leverage it. They are employing an architectural approach to their networks that will allow them a couple of things; apply technology innovation across heterogeneous access, core network, and cloud and use  virtualization and software-defined networking for economies of scale and for a fundamentally transformed operational model. It’s what Cisco has a vision and strategy for and we are provisioning our SP customers with.

And our mobile service provider partners appear to agree with our holistic approach and are voting with their budgets.

This explains more of the results I shared with you in my early June post, Cisco the leader in Mobile IP Infrastructure. New Q1 data from Synergy Research Group shows that Cisco continues to lead in the market for Mobile Internet Infrastructure, which includes mobile IP backhaul, mobile packet backbone, MPC/EPC and service provider WiFi. Cisco is the clear leader with a Q1 market share of over 29%. Service provider WiFi continues to surge and grew 25% year-over-year is by far the highest growth segment within the market, Cisco also leads in this segment.


“Cisco’s position is thanks mainly to its strength in switching and routing for mobile IP networks, though it has a strong presence in several other segments too” said John Dinsdale, a Chief Analyst and Research Director at Synergy Research Group. “With fixed and mobile broadband subscribers breaking the three billion mark and set to reach five billion well within the next four years, this is a good market in which to be strongly positioned.”

Take a moment to read the full Synergy Research announcement available at: https://www.srgresearch.com/articles/cisco-increases-its-lead-mobile-internet-infrastructure

Done reading? Let me know your thoughts.


Kelly Ahuja

Senior Vice President

Service Provider Business, Products, and Solutions